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History: the Nabataeans, art and religion.
Pictures: more than 500 pictures taken in the city.
Map of Petra  
Map of Petra: click for information (NEW)
The Bdouls  
The Bdouls: Bedouins, born in Petra.
Arts inspired by Petra  
Arts inspired by Petra: and books about it.
Nabataean alphabet  
Nabataean Alphabet: the origin Arabic letters.
Jordan: map and useful information.
Tips: from the experts.
Wadi Rum  
Wadi Rum: heaven on earth.
Guide: almost all that you need to know.




Elevetion in Petra

picture by Anees Maani


Petra, located in the south of the Hashimite Kingdom of Jordan, a city carved into red sand rock mountains on the edge of the Dead Sea Rift valley, overlookig Wadi Araba. 2000 years ago it was the capital of the Nabataean Kingdom, with ports in Aila (Aqaba) and Gaza, and access to the desert of Arabia to the south and east, and being easily approached from the rest of the ancient world in the north, Petra became the meeting point of the ancient trade routs, and the Nabataeans gained great wealth, expressed by their unique architecture, gardens and waterfalls. The beauty of nature in the area has added to the city's charm, time had its share in creating the amazing rock formations and colors of its mountains. Petra now is a prime touristic destination, visited daily by thousands of lucky tourists from all over the world, the combination of nature, archaeology and the chance to meet the local Bedouins makes it a favourite place for many travellers.

go2petra.com will lead you through this magnificent city. We try to provide all information needed for you to enjoy your visit, have a tour in our pages, read about the history of this great civilization, get prepared for your visit to Petra and Jordan, If you have any question about Petra, please e-mail us at info@go2petra.com

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