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General information about Jordan

map of Jordan
Jordan   The Hashimite Kingdom of Jordan, The king is His Majesty King Abdulla the second, the son of His Majesty late King Hussein. With it's wise leadership Jordan is playing a key role in the region trying to find peaceful solutionsfor the conflicts around.
Population   5 millions, 1.6 millions live in the capital Amman. Jordanians have an interesting mixture of origins, living together are people that originate from the countries around Jordan and Circassians, Chechens, Armenians and even Europeans and Americans.

Jordanian currency is Dinar, divided to 100 Piasters (girsh) and 1000 Fils, a U.S. $ is almost 0.71 Jordanian Dinar (J.D.). exchange offices and banks are spread all over, credit cards and even U.S. dollar are accepted in many places.


Arabic, many people speak English, and less speak French or Spanish. Almost everyone in Jordan can say WELCOME TO JORDAN, and they mean it!

Religion   The official religion is Islam, Christianity is the second religion, and both coexist respecting each other.
Water   Jordan is suffering from the lack of water resources, so please take care and try to SAVE WATER.

Weekly holiday is Friday, many businesses and government offices close Saturday.


Jordan Telecom is the company that is handling land lines, Fastlink, Mobilecom and Express are the networks for mobile phones in Jordan, for more information on how to stay connected, check our page about telecommunication in Jordan.

Dress code   Whatever time of the year it is, you might need cold weather clothes, and fun in the sun clothes, Jordan is an open minded country, but still it is recommended for the sweet ladies to dress conservative, this would show respect to locals, and minimize the harassment you will get.
Embassies   A list of Diplomatic missions in Jordan with telephone numbers is available one click away.
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