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Field Guide to Jordan

Al Beida, and little Ptera


Beida means white in Arabic, the area got this name from the white rock around it, it is around 10 Km. to the north of Petra. Little Petra was inhabited by the Nabataeans and has lots of tombs, water containers and channels, it has a small path that leads to some of the inside area, Siq al Bared, the scale of this area and the fact that it is a continuation of Petra gave it the name of Little Petra.

Eentrance is free of charge, and it closes at 5:00 p.m. In one of the houses carved in the mountain their are the remains of a fresco, you can still see the leaves and birds painted on plaster covering the cieling of the room, the room is easy to find, its on the left side and has cement stairs leading to it. A ten munites walk from the entrance, between the fields that are still cultivated, is the Neolithic settlement of Beida that is one of the first in human history, it has some houses built from stone in a shape of a circle, before humans figured out that a square house is more practical. Close to the area is a Bedouin camp with a small Bedouin museum.

  map of the area
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