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Field Guide to Jordan


Going into the ancient city of Petra you need to be prepared to enjoy it the best, so please read the following and follow what you read...

The only legal entrance to Petra (the archaeological park) is through the gate located at the visitor's center, tickets are available there and you can buy them from 6 a.m to 6 p.m. any day of the year, they are one J.D. a day, for Jordanians, visitors of other nationalities with one year visa in Jordan (you have to show your document to get this price), non Jordanians pay 21 J.D. for one day, 26 J.D. for two and 31 J.D. for a three day ticket, the forth is on the house, students discount makes it 11, 13.5, and 16 J.D. you need to keep the ticket on you all the time inside, it could be checked anytime. At the visitors center you get a map of Petra for free, and you can find authorized tour guides to take you in if you need one, there is also a toilet and some souvenir shops, places to buy a hat or T-shirt, and places to eat or drink. Two times a week you have the chance to enter Petra at night for 12 J.D.

  ticket price into Petra

Petra is not small, and most of your day inside you will spend walking, so be prepared for the hike with comfortable shoes, and a hat to cover your head, its a desert after all and the sun should not be underestimated even in winter. A backpack is the best way to carry the things you will use inside, the lighter it is the better, and distributing weight will save one of the group from suffering, what you need for one day hike is:


Water, you can refill or buy water inside but it is available only on the main touristic route so have always some on you.

Food, some food for lunch and at the end of the day will be really appreciated, there are many restaurants inside, but again, having it whenever you decide to have a break, and the difference in price are things to be considered.

Flashlight, it could be useful after enjoying the sunset somewhere inside, the sunset with the view on Wadi Araba is recommended, some places become really dark, especially the Siq, so on your way back you might need a source of light.

Toilet paper, it is useful, and very much appreciated when needed.

An extra thing to wear, in the evening it becomes colder, even in the summer you might need something extra to wear.

  bon apetit..

Other things that can be useful inside, binoculars, a pen and a paper, a can opener if you have cans that need one, extra cigarettes if you are a smoker although they are also sold inside, extra lighter, a knife, sunscreen, sunglasses (but make sure to see the colors of the rocks!). If you intend to go far with your hike, a good map of Petra and a first aid kit could be good to have.

If you need anything inside, if you have any question, or in any kind of trouble, you can always ask the local bedouins for help, they are very friendly, informative and they will do anything to help you enjoy your visit, to know more about them see the Bdouls, you can also ask the police for help, they are there only to help, you can find the police station in the center of the city in al habis mountain, and you can find tourist police in many places in the sity.


Be prepared to take a lot of pictures, take extra films and batteries, they are sold inside for a bigger price and you might not find your favorite film, take all your lenses and filters, beautiful landscapes and even macro shots can be taken, a tripod is a good idea but a heavy one, mini tripods are sold in lots of places in Amman for around 3 J.D., Digital cameras have to be fully charged, you can recharge in the museum or in a restaurant, but this will slow you down, empty your memory sticks before getting in, you can burn your pictures on a CD in Wadi Musa. Stay inside and see the sunset, the colors are wonderful when the sun starts to go down in the afternoon, DO NOT LET THE SAND GET INTO YOUR CAMERA, and send us some of your pictures to have your own page in go2petra photogallery.

Jordanian Dinar = 1.4 U.S. Dollar
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