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Field Guide to Jordan
water channels in the SiqA. Maani

The Siq


Is a canyon between two mountains, 1.2 km. long and was the main entrance to Petra, starts with a dam built by the Nabataeans to stop water from flooding in, and has an arch as a doorway, two water channels run on the sides, one with ceramic pipes and the other carved in the rocks, the channels used to get water into the city frm Musa spring in the town of Wadi Musa. The Siq used to be paved with stones, some of the original pavement still exist, lots of relief sculptures can be seen on the sides that represented mostly the main goddess Lat and her son Dushara, some of these sculptures have inscriptions telling the name of the person who ordered them, and who they were dedicated to, one of the sculptures representing the Lat and Dushara face you on your way out, they are a good example of simplicity in the early Nabataean sculpture.

Gods in the SiqA. Maani
Camel caravanA. Maani
In the middle of the Siq there is a caravan of five camels and five men carved with the water channel going behind them, the feet of one of the men and his camel are well preserved. This beautiful and colorful canyon suddenly opens up in the end to show you the treasury, one of the most wonderful facades of Petra. You can see the Siq candle lit if you go Petra at night.
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the TreasuryA. Maani

The Treasury (Al Khazna)


Is the first grand monument you see when you enter Petra, 43 m. high was carved in the mountain in the first century a.d. to replace an older composition of three tombs, it is a good example of Hellenistic influence. The facade was originally colored, the columns with the statues were white with a red background and the ornamentation had a green and blue backgrounds. The interior of the Khazna (Treasury) is very simple to compare with the work done on the facade, it is basically a main big room that leads to three small ones, one on each side, and two other rooms on the sides with a nice round openings to let the light in. It used to have wooden doors, next to the main door you can see a tray carved into the stone that could have been used for sacrifices, with a channel for blood to go out. The crack inside the Treasury was resulted by an earthquake. It had its name from the times when the Bedouins used to think it contained gold in the decorative urn on the top, you can clearly see the traces of bullets that ruined the urn as well as all realistic human figures carved on the facade. You can enjoy a nice view of this beautiful facade from the Khubtha mountain and from Danqur al Khazna, coming from the Madras. You can see the Treasury candle lit if you go Petra at night.

the Treasury from KhubthaA. Maani
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