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Field Guide to Jordan

the tail of the snakeA. Maani

The snake monument

On the way to Aron's tomb, you get there after a beautiful walk passing by Um al Biara montain and al Quray mountain, its a sculpture of a snake, remains now is the lower half of it with the tail, around the monument you can see some carved tombs.

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the old museumA. Maani

Al Habis mountain

It's central locationand beeing not very high makes it a very a beautiful climb, rewarded by a nice view overlooking the center of Petra, it has ruins of a fortres on top, on it's eastern side one of the two museums, and an unfinished facade that got only to the stage of cleaning a huge vertical surface, and starting with the colomns from top. On the west side of the mountain, there is a Nabataean house that is still inhabited by one of the Bedouins. It also has the police station that is working inside Petra offering help if needed.

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mosaicJ. Maani

The Byzantine Church

It has mosaics on the floor with images of animals, one of them is a strange camel with spots like a giraff. In the east north corner, some documents were found that date to the sixth century, ACOR has published a book with their pictures and translations, the documents show that the church was still responsible for legal matters.

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The Roman Soldier Tomb

In wadi Farasa, located down to the west of the high place of sacrifice, the name comes from the statues dressed in roman military clothes, these statues were carved in a seperate stone and installed into the facade. On the way from the high place down to this tomb, you can see the lion fountain and other beautiful monuments.

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