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Field Guide to Jordan

Inside the city of Petra



Inside Petra there are lots of places on the main tourist route selling souvenirs, post cards, books and publications about Petra, sand bottles made with the colored sand of Petra with your name inside, films, cigarettes, water, drinks, cold and hot, food, simple to bbq. these places are run by the bedouins and vary in size and variety of products, prices are more expensive than outside petra in a shop because of the trouble they go through to provide the products inside, a bottle of water is one J.D. while in a shop in Wadi Musa its 0.30 J.D.

coffee? tea? cold water?

A. Maani



There are five toilets inside Petra, one is opposite to the theater, and 4 around and in the museum in the central area. Toilets are more or less clean, and they close at 6:00 pm.


There are two museums in Petra, "the old one", carved by the Nabataeans in the Habis mountain and having a very nice view, it has some nice things to see and "the new one" just downstairs from the old one, it is bigger with more variety of pieces, it has one of the most beautiful sculptures of the ancient world, the goddess with the writing that translates to "the goddess of hayan the son of nibt". Lots of the Nabataean pieces from all the museums of Jordan are being exhibited now in Washington D.C. so you will miss seeing some of the most beautiful sculptures in history, they will stay away for a while, so check them out if you happen to be there, or visit the websie about the exhibition www.amnh.org/exhibitions/petra. The museums work from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. everyday, holydays and fridays from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Tuesday is off.

the old museum

A. Maani

Local transportation:


Animals owned by the bedouins work in petra to help their owners and the visitors, the government had organized and distributed the areas of activity. Horses: between the entrance at the visitors center and the entrance to the Siq, the distance is 800 m. and its a nice walk down, you might appreciate more the ride on the way back, the charge is not fixed but its somewhere around 2 J.D. carriages: driven by a horse and allowed inside the Petra, from one end of the Siq to the other its 10 J.D. and could fit for two people. Camels and donkeys inside Petra, they can take you almost anywhere, donkeys are more specialized in climbing!

transportation in the SiqR. Haddadin
Jordanian Dinar = 1.4 U.S. Dollar
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