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Field Guide to Jordan

Transportation: rent a car, minibuses and services, taxi, bike, hitch hiking, travel agencies, from and to Sinai.


Rent a car

map of Jordan

Renting a car is a very practical, albeit expensive, way of transportation around Jordan. You can choose to go from Amman to Petra via the Desert Highway or the Kings Highway (which will take more time but is a nice drive). If you are planning on staying for more than 2 or 3 days in Petra, you might consider that you will not be moving around a lot in Wadi Musa (which is small anyway), so it will cost you much more to pay for the rental of a car than to use taxis locally. A list of rental car agencies is provided with contact information for your convenience-make sure to make your reservations well in advance, as it may be difficult to find a car at the last minute on weekends or holidays.


Minibus and services

1930 Fils, Amman to Wadi Musa   The South Bus Station (Mojama' al-Janoob) located in south eastern Amman, accessable by taxi and public transport from different places in Amman like Abdali bus station, is the link between Amman and the southern part of Jordan. Buses and service (Serfis) cars do not operate on fixed schedules, but move whenever they are full of passengers to different cities. The Wadi Musa bus is 2.20 J.D.and takes approximately 3 hours. A stop is made at a rest house on the way for sandwiches and coffee. A service car is 4 JD per person, but fills with passengers and arrives faster. Buses are available from 6 am to 2 pm and available until 2 pm for the way back. Ma'an (located on the Desert Highway between Aqaba and Amman) is the closest city to Wadi Musa, 30 min by taxi from Petra/Wadi Musa for 5-6 JD, and from there you can go to Amman almost any time. If you are going to Petra from Aqaba, you can also use Ma'an as a station; Aqaba - Ma'an is around 1 JD, and all buses from Aqaba pass by Ma'an, so if this is your only option you will not be going out of your way. From Ma'an you can take a bus for 0.35 J.D., a service car for 0.75 JD or a taxi for 5-6 JD. Note: although prices are fixed by the government, you have to expect over-charging just for being a foreigner. go2petra.com will work on changing this habit, but for the time being, it is not really recommended to argue for the price, it is not guaranteed to end up successfully and it might only slow you down!   Amman - Petra service car


Taxis in Jordan
You can also go to Petra by a normal taxi from anywhere in Jordan. Simply stop any taxi and negotiate the price. Although not all taxis will be willing to make the trip immediately, it is worth stopping four or five drivers in order to get a fair price. A taxi could be the easiest way to move to and from Petra to any other place, prices are negotiable, and if you get any of these prices, you have a good deal:
From Amman through the desert highway 40 J.D.
From Amman through the kings highway with stops on the way 55 J.D.
From Aqaba 25 J.D.
To Beida 5 J.D.
To Taybeh village 3 J.D.
To Wadi Rum 20 J.D.
Inside Wadi Musa its one J.D. for any distance.

You can also consider hiring one taxi-driver for a few days. If you meet a driver that you get along with, take down his mobile number and you can arrange for him to meet you at certain places at certain times. If a driver is willing to do this, a daily price is usually agreed upon and paid at the conclusion of each day, not all at once. Some telephone numbers of taxi drivers in Wadi Musa: 077 7762913, 079 5341996, 03 452673, 079 5314368 and in Amman: 079 5665521, 079 6998120.



The Kings Highway goes right along the edge of the Rift Valley. It is beautiful, but it goes up and down almost half of the way, so be sure you're up for some difficult pedaling. There are many beautiful places to camp on the way. The Desert Highway more flat, but there is less to see. There are a lot of rest houses on the way. The best time for cycling is March to May and September to November. The weather changes dramatically in Jordan, so it could also be favorable during other times throughout the year, but this also means that the weather may not cooperate even in Spring.


From the Seventh Circle in Amman, a lot of cars will be going to Madaba or the airport, and may be willing to pick you up. The farther you go along this road, the greater the percentage of cars heading more South. Your destination is Ma'an or a bit before it on the Showbak intersection of the Desert Highway (closer to Petra), there are a lot of cars that go to Showbak from the Desert Highway, or you may find a ride directly to Wadi Musa. People are very friendly and you might end up in someone's house having lunch; enjoy it if you have the time! Although Jordanians are extremely hospitable and more than willing to help foreigners, it is better for young women not hitch-hike by themselves, and to hitch-hike during daylight hours. If a man and woman are traveling together, the man should sit in the front of a car with the driver.

Travel agencies

Any travel agency in Jordan can arrange transportation to and from Petra: it's their job! Prices will vary depending on size of the group, how long the visit will be and the time of year/weather conditions, the vehicle that transports your group can remain available during the visit. A list of travel agencies is provided.

From and to Sinai

There are several ways linking Jordan to Sinai, by Plane you can get to Amman or Aqaba from Sharm el Sheikh in the south of Sinai. The way by sea is from Sharm twice a week, or Nuweibe, the port located north east of Sinai, two ferryboats move daily to and from Aqaba, one is fast the other is not! They are not very accurate with time, and the weather (waves if windy) might even cancle the trips of the day. To know more you can visit the Arab Bridge website or call at these numbers: Jordan: Aqaba: 03 2092000, 03 2013891, Amman: 06 5859554, Egypt: Nuweibe: 069 520365, 069 520427, Sharm al sheikh: 069 661502, Cairo: 02 5745836. You can also get to Aqaba through Ilat, this will mean having an Israeli stamp in you passport with which you can't enter Syria, some time might be lost on the borders, so start your trip early.
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