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Field Guide to Jordan
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Wadi Musa
Wadi Musa map
Wadi Musa Wadi Musa is a small town that took its name from the Ein Musa (Spring of Moses, Musa spring), located on the edge of town. In the time of the Nabataeans it was called GIA. Gia was first populated by the Edomites, and later settled by the Nabataeans before they moved into Petra. Wadi Musa is now a modern town with a lot of hotels and restaurants to welcome the visitors of Petra. Almost 15 km to the south of Wadi Musa, there is a village called Taybeh, located in wonderful spot with a beautiful view. A bit further down the road that hosts some hotels with a view over Petra, you will encounter Taybeh's five star Taybet Zaman Hotel and Resort, created using old houses that used to be the village itself.
To the north of Wadi Musa, there is the Beida area, including "Little Petra" and the Beida Neolithic site, and a nice campsite. map of the area
Eating and Drinking

Wadi Musa has many kinds of restaurants all over, some close to the visitor center, and some around the main circle. They offer different menus and also vary by price. They are more expensive than Amman, so make sure you know how much you are going to pay before you order. Some hotels have common kitchens you can use, and most of them offer meals for reasonable prices. In Wadi Musa there are many grocery stores where you can buy food and drinks, the vegetable and fruits market is next to the bus station. There is a bakery down the hill and around the corner from the circle which sells several kinds of bread with anything else you might want to eat; cheese, canned meat, or canned fish (tuna) are perfect for carrying in your backpack to eat inside Petra. Note that in Wadi Musa their are no liquor stores. Alcohol is served in bars in some of the hotels: The Cave Bar, very close to the gate to Petra, the Movenpick, also close to the visitor center, Petra Palace Hotel, Petra forum, the Marriott , and The Elgee Hotel, close to the main circle... Aqaba is a tax free zone, and booze there is cheaper than any other place in Jordan. If you go to Aqaba before you get to Petra, you may want to consider bringing some alcohol with you for the nighttime. Cheers :)

Stay as long as you canů Hotels:
Wadi Musa is full of hotels, ranging from 0 to 5 stars, which spread from Ein Musa (Musa spring) at the entrance of the town down to the visitors center at the entrance to Petra. There are also hotels on the way to Taybeh village. Prices start from 2 J.D. and upwards; you can sleep on a roof or in a royal sweet. When choosing a hotel, consider the distance from the hotel to the visitor center. Walking up the steep street after a full day's walk in Petra is probably not something you would like to do.If your hotel is far you will have to take a taxi which is 1 J.D., although some hotels provide transportation to and from the visitor center. You can choose a hotel with a view overlooking the mountains, you can choose a hotel that includes a meal or two, and some of the hotels provide you with lunch box to bring inside Petra. In the summer you have to check the room for mosquitoes (bring insecticide) and in winter check to make sure the heating and hot water are working before you agree to stay. For a list of hotels, click here...

Wadi Musa, down to Petra

A. Maani

Ammarine Bedouin camp:

The Ammarine camp, located near Little Petra in the Beida area, is a Bedouin camp surrounded by beautiful mountains and stars from above. Clean toilets and hot showers are available, and there is a fixed price of 11 J.D. per night/per person. For an additional 5 J.D., a traditional Zarb chicken dinner is offered, and breakfast is also an additional 5 JD. The Bedouins at the camp are very friendly people, provide fun Bedouin singing and dancing at night, and they have a small but very interesting Bedouin museum on the premises. The camp is 10 km. away from Wadi Musa, and a taxi charges 5 J.D. to take you there, 5 J.D. for taking you back the next day (you have to arrange your return to Wadi Musa with the taxi driver). You need to call ahead to reserve the camp, although they are always ready to welcome guests any time of the year, 24 hours a day. The location of this traditional camp guarantees that you will see Little Petra and the Neolithic site of Beida, which is one of the earliest settlements in human civilization.

telefax: +962 3 2131229, mobile: +962 79 5667771

e-mail: info@bedouincamp.net


at the Bedouin camp

A. Fakhuri

Jordanian Dinar = 1.4 U.S. Dollar
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