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The Nabataean religion

The religion of the Nabataeans changed dramatically throughout their history. Since they started as a nomadic tribe, their religion at first had nothing to do with fertility. Later as they began settling down and started depending on agriculture, they had to add specialties to some gods and add new gods to their religion. One of their main gods, Dushara was against drinking alcohol, but later dropped this attitude and even had grape leaves (representing wine) as one of his symbols. Settling down resulted also in building temples, and having contact with other civilizations influenced the Nabataean religion, rituals and art.
a Nabataean GodA. Maani
The Nabataeans believed in life after death, and had great respect for their dead. Anyone unwise enough to interfere with the sanctity of a tomb was punished with fines and curses. Fines were to be paid to the priest who had authority in legal matters in addition to his role in religious ceremonies. One of their religious ceremonies involved offering sacrifices to the gods in the form of meals shared between the Nabataeans and the gods. The Nabataeans worshipped their kings. The first king to be worshipped was Obodas the second 62/61-59 A.D.
Nabataeans built a lot of temples in many places, the most important of which are the temple in Wadi Rum, Khirbet el Tannur, Khirbet el Threih and Qasr al Bint, they built their temples inside their kingdom as well as outside it, one of their temples was built in Puteoli, Italy.
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