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Field Guide to Jordan



downtownA. Maani

Although Amman's history goes back to the Stone Age, and was the place for one of the earliest settelments of humans, it is still considered to be a "new city". The modern Amman first came to life about 200 years ago when immigrant Circassians settled in the area that is now known as "Downtown", near the Citadel and the Roman Amphitheatre. It grew bigger after becoming the capital of Jordan in the year 1921, and is still growing! You can easily see that the farther you are from the center, the newer the buildings are. Houses in Amman are built with stone that is mainly white, on seven different hills, or Jabal. Amman is perfect as a first stop in Jordan, and its central location makes it a perfect base as you travel around in Jordan. Inside Amman, there are many places to visit, and it's a very beautiful city, especially at night.
Jabal Amman from Jabal al WeibdehA. Maani
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