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Field Guide to Jordan

Telecommunication in Jordan


The area code for Jordan is ++962 and Amman is 06, the south including Aqaba, Ma'an and Petra is 03, the north including Irbid, Jerash and Ajlun is 02, the middle area including Madaba, Salt, Azraq and the Dead Sea is 05, mobile phone numbers start with 079 for Fastlink, 077 for Mobilecom and 074 for Express. Mobile phones are in contact in most of the places inside Petra.

Jordan Telecom is the company handling landlines, and is really doing good providing high quality connection and presenting the latest solutions, they have some useful services like prepaid cards to help you call from any landline, check their website for more details, www.jordantelecom.jo

Mobile phone companies in Jordan use the GSM system, there are three companies and they all provide good coverage, even in most of the places in Petra. They provide the roaming service so you can still be in touch while enjoying Petra. The prices for calls depend on the time of the call (peak time, and off peak time), calling from a network to another, or to a landline. Lots of Jordanians have mobile phone, and they use them for calls as well as SMS, and MMS. The price for calling from a landline to a mobile also depends on the time of call and the network you are calling.

Zain, former Fastlink (079) is the first mobile phone company in Jordan, and they have good packages for visitors, more details in their website, www.fastlink.jo

Orange, former Mobilecom (077) is less spread but it has very good coverage, also provides good packages for visitors, check their website for more details, www.mobilecom.jo

Umniah (078), the newest in Jordan, the network is not so good especially in Petra. They are still installing towers all over Jordan, so we will wait and see... As for the prices and offers, their services are not expensive. Check Umniah's website at www.umniah.com

Xpress (074) is a new company, provides the walkie talkie and mobile phone in one service, for more about them please check their website www.xpress.jo

Mirsal is the only company in Jordan providing connection for pagers, their website is www.mirsal.com


Some useful phone numbers in Jordan

Police 191 and 192
Civil Defense 199
Traffic Police 4896390
highway patrol 5543401
Ministry of tourism complains 80022228 (toll free, from a land line)
Ministry of tourism 4603360
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