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Field Guide to Jordan

Climbing in Wadi Rum

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Wadi Rum has lots of routs open, some have bolts, many don't, you can find there the whole range of levels and hights up to 800 meters. A very useful guide book written by Tony Howard is good to have on you, it has more then 400 routs listed with maps and drawings and information to help you with your climb. The book lacks accuracy in describing some routs, some drawings can be confusing but it is the best availabe guide book on rock climbing in Wadi Rum. In the rest house of Hillawi, you can ask for the climbing note books, these are written by climbers who had opened routs, in their own languages, if you open a rout please describe it for others... We have met a two local rock climbers (mountain guides): Atayyeg and Omar Ooudeh Zalabia, two very helpful and informative bedouins, talking to them will make the picture clearer before you start your climb, their mobile numbers are: 079 5899723, 079 5705173.

You will need a one hundred meters rope for most of the routs, going down is mostly more than 25 meters, you will also need big friends and stones and a lot of slings.


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