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Fly in Wadi Rum

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The Royal Aero sports club of Jordan


The RASCJ was established in 1997, the first and only club of its kind in the Arab world. The club has trained more than 350 Jordanians and almost 150 non Jordanians until now. The RASCJ activities are as follows;


Micro light / Ultra light:

This is a two seat small aircraft where the passenger sits behind the pilot while taking off like a bird at a low altitude between the mountains of wadi Rum.

Flights from 15 - 20 minutes JD25
Flights from 20 - 30 minutes JD 50
Flights from 30 - 45 minutes JD 75
One hour flights JD100

Hot air Balloon:

Balloon flights from 1 - 1:30 hours JD 125 (per passenger)
Minimum 4 passengers for each trip.

Single Engine & Multi Engine flights:

(wadi rum & Aqaba) A single or twin engine airplane with 5 passengers flies at good altitude, where you can watch the beauty of Wadi Rum and take pictures from above.

single engine
Cessna 206 airplane (5 passengers & 1 pilot)
One hour flights JD 300

Sky diving:

Parachuting and trail jump where the student will jump with his instructor in a parachute that is big enough for two people, the student will be hooked to the instructor all the time to ensure safety, better training for canopy control and to lead to safe landings. 7-9 days are needed to complete training course. Total jumps per course: 15 jumps

Tandem training 15 jumps as follows:
3 tandem jumps from 10,000 feet AGL JD 135 each
6 AFF jumps JD 150 each
6 solo free fall jumps from different altitudes starting from 6000 feet up to 10,000 feet AGL. JD 70 each
Total price complete Tandem course JD 1, 735
Trail Tandem Jumps (one time) After 15 - 20 minutes of ground training you will jump with your tandem instructor with one large (2 place person) parachute and free fall for 20 - 30 seconds in a speed of 120 miles per hour. Both you and your tandem pilot will fly and control the parachute and experience the G force and control the parachute down safely to the ground for 4- 5 minutes. You definitely feel the speed and the adrenalin rush during this wild jump, this is the extreme of the extreme.
Tandem Jump
1 jump from 10,000 feet AGL JD 135
Capture your jump in video or still JD 70
Expert Jumps:
4000 - 4500 feet AGL JD 15 each
7000 - 7500 feet AGL JD 20 each
10000- 11000 feet AGL JD 25 each
Equipment rental AAD (complete parachute) JD 10 per jump

Hot air balloon jump package in Wadi Rum:

Four jumps 10,000 feet from Cessna 206 airplane, in addition to one hot air balloon jump from 7000 feet AGL (experts only) JD 350 per person.

Jumpers who want to do one balloon jump; the price would be JD 150 per jumper, and a minimum of 4 jumpers for each flight.



- 5% discount for advance payment and booking.

- USPA licenses or equivalent is required for balloon jumps.

-The club is open for the public daily.


The Royal Aero Sports Club of Jordan - Aqaba

Tel: 0096 23 205 8050/51

Mobile: 0096 279 574 1441

Email: rparaclb@go.com.jo


Jordanian Dinar = 1.4 U.S. Dollar


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